Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Motor Skillz

Push, climb, sweep, run, reach. C's interest in his gross-motor skills has skyrocketed of late. He enjoys testing his new abilities whenever the opportunity may arise. Pushing a large object around the room seems to be a favorite: this evening's ottoman-haul was fun to watch. Brooms, trucks, and chairs are fair game too. It is interesting to watch the gears turn in his brain as he learns a new skill; i.e. to pick up the broom to get it over the threshold. Once he has found the solution to the problem, he practices the new-found skill over and over with enjoyment.

C has known how to climb up stairs for quite some time. Yet, his fascination with stairs has only increased since he learned to descend them. Since we only have one stair in our house, he does not get much practice here. So whenever we are at friends' houses with stairs, he takes full advantage.

Probably the most entertaining is when C gets a vacuum cleaner in his grips. If we turn the vacuum on for him, he will vacuum the whole house! Under furniture, in every corner, across the carpets and hard wood! I'd call it child-labor, but he certainly enjoys it!

M, on the other hand, has been polishing her fine-motor skills. She enjoys buttoning her buttons, stringing beads, diapering babies, and writing letters. I have seen an increase in her dexterity particiularly in the electronic realm: manipulating and clicking the computer mouse, playing games on her new Leapster game system, and shooting photos with the digital camera. M's my little technology queen!


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