Tuesday, December 15, 2009


M has been honing her negotiating skills lately. She often uses her growing art of negotiation to get more sweets out of us at dessert time, or to read more books before bed time. Each morning, we usually turn the TV on for about fifteen minutes while mama tries to wake up. After I am up and dressed, its time to start the day, get kids dressed, eat breakfast, and get to work. The last couple of mornings, M's best line has been "only two more Mouse-k-tools" (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse reference...)

What is it with men and remotes? C has a fascination with all electronics, especially remotes.

(May 2009)

He recently made the connection between remotes and television. He found the remote, looked at the remote--looked at the tv--looked at the remote--looked at the tv. then said "eh" to dad to turn it on.


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