Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Queen M

M was having a phone conversation with Grandpa.  She likes to spout of random facts about her life.  She stated "I have a queen-size bed." (please note - this is not even a fact!  She has a full-size bed!)  After some giggles she said "I have a queen-size room too."

M has never been a "princess", she's always been the queen.

Queen M sits on her throne (4 days old).


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick Or Treat!

Of course, the kids dressed up for Halloween, and we walked around the neighborhood trick or treating:

C was superman for the third year in a row.  M was Ariel the little mermaid, complete with red sprayed hair!

Posing with the Elmo bucket and pumpkin bags

Cowboy Daddy!  M kept calling him that for several days!

Trick or treat!  C did not understand the concept of "just take one."  He would take as many as would fit in one handful!

Showing off her loot.

Its a bird, its a plane, its SUPERMAN!

After we got too cold to go on any further, we hopped in the car and visited Grandpa.

C's sugar coma on the card ride home...   :-)

Me with RogerCat at Grandpa's house.

Quick family portrait at Uncle S and Aunt D's.

Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday To You!

As promised, pictures from C's second birthday celebration (Thanks to our friend C for taking these lovely photos!).

Singing happy birthday to the boy-of-honor.

Opening cards and presents!  He was so happy to be the center of attention!


From our friend E, FROGGY!  Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.

Our friend C got him these neat forest animal magnets - hes already been learning all of the animal names!

Playing with his new cars and trains! Thanks Mom and Dad!

And lastly, today we went to Portrait Innovations and snapped a quick birthday portrait!  Too cute. ♥


Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkins Round 3

Went to my work's annual Pumpkin Carving Party this past weekend and the kids had blast.  Not only did they get to stuff themselves on delicious food, they got to jump on a trampoline, and C got to take home an awesome new (gently used) train set!  All around an awesome afternoon!

C after the carving.

M scoopin' the guts.

C and his train!  The train set was a lifesaver because C was only interested in pumpkin carving for two seconds, yet the train set entertained him for two hours while I carved my pumpkin and helped M finish hers.

Finished product: M's is the bat, mine is the spider.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, C!

Didn't want to neglect the fact that C turned two yesterday, but all of the pictures from yesterday's festivities haven't come in yet.  I'll do a full report once I have all of the evidence.  In the mean time, please enjoy the photos of the delicious cup cake treats we've been devouring the last two days.  Yum!


Crime Scene Photos

Sent to me by K today from daycare.  If this is what the sidewalk looks like, I can only imagine what the inside looks like after five kids have destroyed it all day.  That must be one serious crime scene.  The horror!


Christina's World

Uncle M took this shot of M in front of the Allerton Mansion.  He said it reminded him of an art piece by Andrew Wyeth.  I had to look it up and he was right on!

M's world as captured by Uncle M

Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth.


Allerton Park

Uncle M had the brilliant idea to take a nice Sunday picnic at Allerton Park. We started the day with a hike in the woods, then ate lunch with the bees, and ended with a stroll through the formal gardens.  It was lovely, and I think we should make it a fall tradition!  Uncle M also takes fabulous photos and caught some really great shots of our adventures.  Enjoy!

Into the woods we go!

All around the mulberry bush,
the monkey chased the weasel
the monkey thought twas all in fun

POP goes the weasel!

Fall colors with Uncle M!

The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah.

Emerging from the woods.

Picnicking in the shade in front of the Allerton mansion .  Lovely!

Walking into the formal gardens.


Posing pretty on the fish sculpture in the sunken garden.

M said "I'm sitting on a naked lady!"

C just stuck is tongue out...

M on the steps of the sunken garden.

C in the maze garden.

 Perfect weather, perfect hiking, perfect picnic! Yay!


Skateboard Ninjas

Having fun at daycare:

And this one just says it all!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Cat In The Hat

Over the weekend we took the kids to the Youth Literature Festival inside of the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.  It was quite crowded, and there were many activities happening simultaneously.  We listened to local singer Mr. Stephens sing for a while, and then we decided the main event was getting to meet the Cat In the Hat.  Both kids went home with a free book, so it was worth our while.

At first, C couldn't keep his eyes off of the kitty!

Eventually he decided he was alright.

M was busy in one of the theaters watching a vantrilaquist, and we had to snap a quick shot of her with the kitty before heading out for the day.