Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lazy Sunday

The upshot is that I got the camera functioning properly again.

We have no big plans for the next several weeks and I am very content with that.

We spent the day playing at the park, napping, going to the library, and swimming at the pool.

We ended the day like this:

Lounging with Dad,

making silly faces,

smirking at the camera,

and lounging and enjoying the end of a relaxing weekend.


Second Year of Preschool, First Day of School!

Last week, Mary began her second year of preschool.  The bus was very late, so there was plenty of time of photos:

Ready to start another year!

Waitin' for the bus.

Still waiting for the bus!!!

Off we go!


Wishing Well

We ventured to Westside Park today after we got up and moving.

M wanted to throw a penny into the fountain so when we arrived there I exclaimed, "Make a wish!"

"I wish I will be a mother."

"Oh, honey, that was very sweet."  C was stalling and had given up on catching up to us, so I gave her the penny that was meant for him.  So she made another wish:

"I wish I was a baby again."

Flipsides of the coin there, babe.  But you can always wish...


Monday, August 23, 2010

White Washin'

Caught M whitewashin' the fence with chalk today.

There's something wrong with the camera, so its all blurry, but I couldn't pass up the chance to post this!

Adventures of Tom Sawyer!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wedding Reception!

After the wedding, the kids couldn't wait to be reunited with Daddy, who was standing up in the wedding, and thus unable to give them the usual copious amounts of attention.

Family photo at the reception head table!  Right after that, the kids went promptly home to the babysitter!  It was such a full night of fun!


Wedding: The Main Event

After C's poor church behavior at the rehearsal the night before, I had already prepared myself not to see the wedding or M's flower girl routine.  To my surprise, however, C was in a very good and agreeable mood for the event.  He sat through the entire procession without fussing or outbursts.

M was a real attention-getter.  She tossed those flower petals up into the air like nothing I've ever seen.  It really was a fantastic performance.  I found out later that within five minutes of sitting down in the pew with grandma, both M and the ring bearer cousin R were sound asleep.

After the procession, C and I excused ourselves to the back of the church where he got pretty rambunctious.  We were able to get back into the ceremony just in time to witness the vows.  It was so beautiful I cried!

Congratulations to the stunningly beautiful bride and groom!


Wedding Day Prep

Thanks to Aunt E for all of the fantastic pictures.

Here are some pictures of us getting ready for the big event!

M getting her hair done!

VoilĂ !  Gorgeous and very mature hairstyle for a four-year-old.


All dressed up for the occasion.  M even got to wear lip-gloss and blush!

Sittin' pretty.

Girls just wanna have fun!


Wedding: Rehearsal Dinner

As promised, here are lots more pictures from the weekend of Aunt J and Uncle S's wedding!  Here are some pictures form the rehearsal dinner.

We luckily had two flower girl dresses, so M was very pretty for both rehearsal and wedding.  It was a long night and the kids were pretty pooped by the end of it.  We had a delicious dinner at Buttita's.

M and Daddy

C and Mama

M with that glazed over look.


Marwiage Is What Bwrings Us Together Today: Rehearsal

Aunt J and Uncle S got married last weekend, and they asked M to be the flower girl.  It was a great honor for M, and she made us all so proud.  I will have more pics later, but these are the initial few:

The beautiful bride Aunt J and M at the rehearsal!

M's "practice" flower petals - very easy to make. I just eyeballed a flower petal shape, and then used my finger nail to curl them.  Even made them in the wedding color scheme!

Getting ready for the practice round!

C had no interest in sitting through the rehearsal, and instead was loud, obnoxious, and insisted on wondering around the church and up into the choir loft until I eventually took him outside to the playground:


And here is a preview of the big day (lots more to come):


Carseat Driver

"Go faster so you can go through the green light before it turns red!"

"Hurry up!"

"Ughhh - why are you going so slow..."

Talk about a backseat driver!

She likes when she's in the car with Daddy.  "We go fast together, don't we Daddy!"


Friday, August 20, 2010

Oink, Moo, Neigh

C has been learning and practicing his animal noises lately.  He will copy almost any noise we make, and does a decent job.  He has mastered:

Roar - and can I say, he couldn't be more adorable when he roars!
Ooo-Ooo Aaa-Aaa

and is working steadfastly on
Gurgle (fish sound)
and more!

We've had lots of great animal books to help us out along the way.  Even though most of them do not specifically emphasize animal sounds, we add them in!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle
My First Word Bath Book has a really great animal page with vibrant pictures
Shark in the Dark  by Ben Cort- a great rhmying book, and we do roar for the shark, and gurgles for the fish.
Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina - lots of monkeys!
Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Suess 
The Farmyard Tales series has lots of different animals too. 

Also, Sandra Boynton has some really fantastic books.
Moo, Baa, La La La
Doggies!  - Lots of woof, bark, arf-arf, and a nice long howl too!
And my new favorite, a gift from Aunt B, is called Perfect Pigs, and you can download the song from her website!  Highly recommended!



C's sweet, cute little "Yeah" has been replaced by the ugly, mean, nasty "No!"  He says it constantly. Before even thinking, he is already spitting out "No!"

What happened to my agreeable little baby?  I'm hoping its just a phase.



Best quote of today:

"The mailbox was knocked down by creatures," which she then defined as "the mean guys who broke it"

Good use of vocab, babe!

The #3 definition of creature: person; human being.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daycare Fieldtrip: Airport

K took the kids to the airport last week!  Apparently it was such a slow day at Willard Airport that the staff told her to head over to Flightstar.  Staff gave them a personal tour, and even let them get in an airport firetruck with sirens, lights, and all!  The kids were fascinated, and the friendliness and service of the folks there was so phenomenal!  Even told them to come back again!

M in the carosel door

Looking for airplanes!

Thanks to all the Willard/Flightstar staff who entertained the kids!


Daycare Fieldtrip: Area Parks

Not sure which park this is, but I really liked the photos K took of their visit.

M from the lookout point!

C in the sand.

So cute!



Daycare Fieldtrips: Champaign Library

K has been regularly attending story time at the Champaign Library.  It is newly remodeled, and they have a fantastic childrens department and wonderful childrens librarians.

C plays at the library before story time

M and C settle in for a story.

C and J, very entertained and intent on listening to the librarian.

Lego table!


Daycare Fieldtrip: Curtis Orchard

K took the boys to Curtis Orchard earlier this summer too!  I love how much K takes advantage of the local resources we have for little ones.

C and Baby J fly on the swings!

C peeks through the bus door.

C in the playhouse.

Can't wait for a little later this fall when we can go apple picking!


Daycare Fieldtrip: Decatur Children's Museum

K took the kids to the Children's Museum of Illinois in Decatur last week.  I've never been, but it sure looks like an awesome place to take small kids.  Check out all the neat things they did:

 M changes a tire at the Super Service Station.

 M and C go shopping at the Johnston Supermarket.

Water table fun.

M gets her hands dirty at the Deep Blue Sea Paint Wall!


Daycare Fieldtrip: Allerton Park

K has been busy this summer!  She has taken the kids all over the place.  She is so great at keeping me involved with the kids, and sending me pictures throughout the day of their adventures.  Here are some highlights from today's trip to Allerton Park.

The kids walk through the towering juniper bushes.

Stopping for a pose on the steps of the sunken garden.

 M posing with a statue.

C on the steps of the gazebo.

M pushing the stroller through the Fu Dog garden - one of my all-time favorite gardens! How cool!