Saturday, August 21, 2010

Marwiage Is What Bwrings Us Together Today: Rehearsal

Aunt J and Uncle S got married last weekend, and they asked M to be the flower girl.  It was a great honor for M, and she made us all so proud.  I will have more pics later, but these are the initial few:

The beautiful bride Aunt J and M at the rehearsal!

M's "practice" flower petals - very easy to make. I just eyeballed a flower petal shape, and then used my finger nail to curl them.  Even made them in the wedding color scheme!

Getting ready for the practice round!

C had no interest in sitting through the rehearsal, and instead was loud, obnoxious, and insisted on wondering around the church and up into the choir loft until I eventually took him outside to the playground:


And here is a preview of the big day (lots more to come):


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