Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cattail Snowstorm

Uncle M had some cattails as fall decorations.  The tails spontaneously combusted into an outpouring of seeds and fluff.  We decided to make a fun adventure of it: a cattail snowstorm!

How cool is this? The roots of the cattail are edible and there are all sorts of recipes for them!  I also learned more about the problematic nature of cattails as a weedy and invasive species.  Perhaps I'll have to go uproot all of the seeds we spread and cook them up into something yummy.

Also, check out this adorable and clever Cattail poem by Eric Ode. Perhaps you'll be inspired to go out and have a cattail snowstorm of your own.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Family Portraits

Surprisingly, besides with our point-and-shoot, we've never had family portraits taken.  Hubby and I prefer to be behind the camera, with the cute kids in focus.  But a great opportunity came about, and we went for it! We are really pleased with the results.  Can't get enough of these adorable children! Now to order lots of prints and put them on every shelf, wall, and decoratable surface.


Cussing Cultural Cartoon Characters

Similar to the way The Simpsons shaped our childhoods with curses such as  "Eat my shorts!" and "D'oh!", the Spongebob Squarepants generation has many an obscenity.

C stubs his toe and shouts "Barnacles!"

M loses a game and response with "Oh, tarter sauce!"

This cartoon even has the the blasphemous swearwords covered: "Neptune!" and "Holy guacamole!"

Spongebob, gotta love him, and all his expletives.