Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bath Time

Both kids love baths. We have bath toys out the waazoo. C especially likes water-friendly books that he pages through while he splashes around in the water. When its bath night, he will drop anything he is doing, in mid-action, to come running into the bathroom as soon as the water begins to pour. He just can't seem to get in fast enough. he bounces at the edge of the tub saying "eh" "eh" "eh" until all his clothes are removed and he's plopped in the water.

While I was bathing this morning, M joined me. She regaled me with a twenty minute imaginative-play story about how she wants to ask Santa for a pink bathtub, with faucet knobs, soap, and numerous toys. She got very specific, asking for "one of those circles that turns into a washcloth" (We've had a couple of those "magic" washcloths that transform when they get wet). I've been so impressed with her since she started school: not only has her vocabulary and annunciation improved, but her pretend-play has skyrocketed. Teacher says her favorite center at school is Housekeeping. I wonder if they have a bathtub...


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