Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Spatula

C's favorite toy has consistently been The Spatula. Any spatula, or anything that resembles a spatula. It begin with a small blue spatula that came with M's play kitchen set. From the moment he learned how to grip (~3 months), he began to carry it around everywhere he went. Odd, but we figured he was destined to be a gourmet chef, or at the very least a fry cook. ;)

(July 2009)

This Spatula-philia expanded; any spatula is fair game. M has two others in her kitchen area that are often targets of his spatula cravings. But also the large spatula grill-tool:

(September 2009)

Uncle even gifted him his very own spatula for his birthday. He likes to push the bigger ones around like brooms, and he is beginning whack things/people with the spatula. So, watch out!


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