Monday, December 28, 2009

Our First Baby

I realized I overlooked the often-neglected first baby our family. Before we were married, before thoughts of human children, we got RoscoeDog.

We brought Roscoe home when he was a wee six weeks old, weighing in at ten pounds, and smelling like a horse stable (pee-eww!):

Baby Roscoe (August 2004)

He quickly grew into a 100lb bundle of energy. With dog training classes, and lots of discipline, he is a pretty well behaved canine. His five years of age has mellowed him considerably.

Roscoe with his Christmas Bone (Christmas 2005)

And like any child, he is a bearer of both joy and headaches, lately more the latter. He eats anything he can get his hands on. Anything left in jaws-reach in the kitchen is gone before we get home from work: breakfast leftovers, whole loaves of bread, and most recently (and unfortunately) an entire bag of chocolate chips. Somehow he has survived!

Roscoe shreds his Christmas toy all over the floor (Christmas 2009)

He is great with the kids, and he loves them immensely, although I think his heart must have sunk just a little bit when we brought M and then C home: just that much more attention diverted away from him.

Roscoe meets M for the first time (July 2006)

Roscoe and Baby M (November 2006)

While Roscoe is often lowest on the family hierarchy, we hold a special place for our first baby in our hearts. ♥


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