Monday, December 21, 2009

Daycare Dynamism

We had K, B, and their 3 little ones for dinner tonight. K has been our childcare provider for a few months now, and we're extremely happy with her. At K's house, their personalities truly shine through.

At daycare, C's signature move is a High 5. He seldom slaps hands at home, but with K and B, he is Up High, Down Low, and never Too Slow. It was great watching C with the other boys tonight - he has already decided he is one of the big boys, and does everything they do (or tries his darndest!). They were all riding in a big loop through the house on little cars, and C was the caboose, pushing along a large, loud Tonka dump truck.

M is still M at daycare! K reports that M tells the boys how its going to be: today at dinner, she picked up each boy's Capri Sun and pulled the straw wrapper off of the pouch for them. The boys did not protest, but watched as she carried out the task, and returned the drink to their place mat. I never realized that children don't just inherit physical characteristics, but personality traits too. M and I are one-in-the-same: opinionated, assertive, and bold. Is the "headstrong" gene dominant or recessive? ;)

Unfortunately, this evening didn't end very well for M; she was having a hard time sharing the little cars with the boys and threw quite a tantrum. She is soundly asleep beside me now.

Life is good.


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