Tuesday, December 15, 2009


C has finally said his first word other than mama and dada: "J-ssss" = Juice. He does this very deliberately, especially around mealtimes, while pointing or looking toward the dishdrain. It's absoluately fascinating to me to watch his brain develop, as he constantly makes connections and absorbs information from his environment. He also is intarcting non-verbally. He likes to smack his lips to indicate that he wants to kiss, and will lean towards the recipient and expects to be kissed back. He will sit between my husband and I and kiss us back and forth, back and forth for quite some time, he can be so affectionate sometimes!

M's development is also expanding all the time. She is beginning to understand some abstract situations. This morning, while putting her shoes on, she yelled from the other room, "Mom, is this the right foot?". I responded that since I was not in that room, I could not answer her question. She quickly ran into the room I was in and showed me her foot. And yes, it was on the right foot!