Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We questioned whether C would be a mama's boy, since he is a very pretty boy. But there quickly came a day when we knew he was all male. He was not more than two months old, sitting on the couch. Being a breastfed baby, and hence a continuous pooper prone to poo explosions, it didnt surprise us when he started grunting. We looked over at him, he lifted his leg, let out a loud, messy fart and grunt, scratched his belly, and then gave the whole room a huge grin.

M, on the other hand, takes a more artistic approach: the "poop opera." When she needs help in the bathroom, she lets us know very clearly by belting out "I PooooooooOOOOOOOooooooped" until someome comes to help her. Her tone and inflection is nothing short of a suprano. We can't help but smile as we walk down the hall to assist.


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  1. Oh man, I've been cracking up reading this stuff!! Hahahaha. I can totally hear M saying that ... in your voice! Hehehehehe :D