Wednesday, December 16, 2009


M has always been a little impatient, taking after her Mama. She has always demanded instant results, from the moment she let out her first little cry. But I didn't know until today just how impatient she really is! M asked "When will I be big?". Mama responded "You're getting bigger every day, honey. When do want to be big?". M paused to think, but only for a moment, and then said "in two days".

C has always been more patient with us, although being a second child, he usually does not have much choice other than to wait. However, I think he has decided recently that enough is enough, he is done being patient; he has started to screech when he is not getting the attention he thinks he is entitled to. It was cute at first...but three weeks later, its started to get a little rough on the ears.

Patience is a virtue!


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  1. Hahahahah! Two days :D Awesome :)

    Sorry I had to get off the phone so fast- it was actually the contractor that we might be working with on the kitchen!