Saturday, January 2, 2010

Superior Sustenance

C's favorite foods have usually been fruits and pasta, although he's been known to down some ham and turkey! He dabbles in anything, but he shies away from foods he cannot feed himself (doesn't like mushy babyfoods). Today, he learned to say "Nanna." Mama was very excited for the expanding food vocabulary.

M is a cheeser. Cheese anything is what she craves: cottage cheese, string cheese, "Daddy's cheese" (packaged cheese that you slice), cheese flavored popcorn, chips, or anything else. We all know M loves cheese. However, if you ask M what is her favorite thing to eat, she firmly states "Meat!"



  1. I like Miss M.! :) Cheese and meat- that's my kind of girl :) Yum!

  2. Maybe Cheeser(s) is the nickname you've been searching for...maybe