Sunday, January 17, 2010

Babies Run Wild

My husband and I stayed up late last night on a date and playing Wii after we got home, so we were not keen on rising at 7am with the kids.  They were both anxious to start the day, so we let them loose in the house so that we could continue dozing.

Perhaps letting the kids run around unsupervised after a late night may not have been our best idea.  We quickly jumped out of bed when C brought us an open bottle of Mike's hard lemonade.  Oh my!  And, he was covered in chocolate pudding.  We had left the living room a bit of a mess, and he thought it'd be a fun place to make some mischief.   At least we were awake enough to close the bathroom door - he has already gotten into the toilet twice this week - ew!

M was a little bit more constructive during her solo time:  she covered two sheets of paper entirely with stickers.  We decided the extra hour of rest was well worth the cost of stickers!



  1. It is like her Christmas card! :D

  2. LOL :D Oh man- I would totally freak out about the Mike's. But yeah, dude, so nice to get extra sleep. Once we're kidproofed, I'm seriously going to be doing the same thing with CJ! Pop her in the walker and go back to bed!