Saturday, January 2, 2010


Rather than always referring to M and C, I was thinking it'd be nice to refer to the kids with nicknames. Anyone have any ideas?

I'll stay Mama, and I'll refer to my husband as Superman, since he's my superman.

For M the only thing I've come up with is Babers, since thats what we call her mostly. When she was a baby, my friends often called her BabyBrum, but that doesnt seem to make sense now.

I thought a superman reference would be fitting for C, but can't think of a good one...

Suggestions welcome!



  1. Well, C could be SuperBaby (althoug he's not really a baby-baby anymore).

    M could be SuperGirl, to stay with the theme.

  2. I think:

    C Kent

    Princess Quite Contrary

    Here's a site with lots of characters. I like the monkey personally.

  4. i love that website!! Beppo and Ariella. awesome. I'm still thinking it over. Princess Ariella?