Sunday, January 31, 2010


Two big goals this weekend:  start making Valentine's for classmates/friends/cousins, and clean the bathrooms. I was excited because, in fact, we not only started the Valentines, we finished them all!  Whoo!  I was afraid I would wind up doing most of the work myself, but M was quite involved with the process and was able to help considerably.  It was a great mommy/daughter crafting time.

We made two different types, and I wanted to pass them along, since they were both very easy to make, even for a three-year-old:

1.  For folks we could actually hand them to, we made Lollipop Posies.  They turned out to be super easy and cute.  We didn't have floral tape, as the directions call for, but we used scotch tape and it worked just fine.  M stacked each set of the tissue paper circles together in a pattern.  M insisted on "boy colors" for boys and "girl colors" for girls, so we did our best with that...And we finished ours with a heart shape leaf, with the To/From on it.

2.  For those we would not see before V-day, we made these cute Guppy Love cards to go in the postal mail.  Each fish is made up of three hearts, and M loved piecing the hearts together in different color configurations.  Then she colored the backs while I wrote messages on the fronts.  Then, after I addressed the envelopes, M assisted in stuffing, sealing, stamping, and stickering the outsides of the envelopes with hearts.

PS - I cleaned the bathrooms too. ;-)


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