Friday, January 15, 2010

Bathtub Variety Show

Hilarity has insued in the bathtub of late, with C in particular.

1. By doctor's orders, C must soak his injured finger in the tub for fifteen minutes, twice a day.  In order to entertain him, we have several bathtub safe books to read.  Today, he learned to say "baaa, baaa" about the sheep on the farm animals page!  We went on with this sheep-speak back and forth for quite some time.  Mama was very excited, and proceeded to try to teach him all of the other animals' sounds too.

Bath Night January 13, 2010

2.  During Wednesday's Bath Night festivities, while M & C were soaking and playing, C stood up twice and decided to pee in the tub!  At first we were surprised and thought it was kinda funny, and we all laughed hysterically, but the second time just got gross and we all rushed out of the water- we were done anyway.

3.  Everyone loves to SPLASH



  1. Oh, that is both funny and gross. Nice one! :)

  2. Love this!

    Jules always attempts to drink the water directly after peeing in it...