Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Bird

As we are all now well aware, M has a bad nose picking habit.  This has led to some horrible hangnails on her index fingers (the primary culprits). She often asks for band aids, but it seems to be more related to the Dora character on the bandage than to her need for one. We are trying to enforce a "no blood, no band aid" rule, but I know how those hang nails can be irritating.

However, I truly wish I had my camera to catch a snapshot, as she flicked us off and asked:

"Can I please have a bandaid?"



  1. Hahaha... I guess at least she didn't flick a booger! ;) Poor M.

  2. so about the nose picking - for Patricia, we told her if she wanted to pick her nose, she had to do it in the confines of her room. I guess she picked her nose to ad-nauseum in her room and then got tired of it.

  3. Heh- saw this and thought of Mary: