Monday, March 29, 2010

Scary Movies

Who knew G rated movies could be so terrifying?  Apparently M thinks so, anyway.  There have been several movies she has refused to watch a second time due to certain characters or certain parts that were just too much for her.  For example:

  • Toy Story 2.  While the first of this series is her absolute favorite movie, she will not watch the second one. All she says is that she "doesn't like the elevator."
  • UP! She would not watch this again because she didn't like the dogs and just kept asking why the dogs were mean anytime they appeared in the film.
  • Peter Pan.  We just watched this movie for the first time last night, and I imagine we will not watch it again.  She said she didn't like the pirates, and she spent twenty minutes crying after the movie because she felt sad that the dog was put outside in "time out."
She has a need to decompress after watching a movie she has never seen before.  She needs to reflect on what she saw and talk about the ways it made her feel.

Also, she really does not understand "bad guys," and its diffcult to explain the role of the antagonist to a three-year-old.  I just told her "there is always a bad guy, and he always gets what's coming to him in the end" (at least while you're watching G rated movies when you're 3!)

Who knew she'd be so much like her mama (I cannot watch anything even remotely scary/tense/suspenseful, to the point that I get panic attacks.  Not even commercials for scary movies.  Eeep!)


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  1. Hee! She does take after you :D Meanwhile, CJ cracks up anytime Carl startles her... so I think in a few years I *may* have a companion for scary movies!! :D Woohoo!