Monday, March 1, 2010

You've Got a Friend in Me

The title for this post is fitting, becuase Toy Story is M's favorite movie.  We let her watch it about once a week, but we try to limit TV as much as possible.  Movies cut into our book-reading time.

M has had two people who I would consider her real "friends" besides daycare and school friends and her cousins.  Mainly they are my friend's kids, but that's ok.  She truly enjoys these two friends, and excitedly awaited their play dates.

M and E go way back, and I would consider her M's first friend:

Shopping trip!  M (left), E (right), April 2007

Parallel Play, E (left), M (right), April 2007

Chalkboard Fun, E (left), M (right), August 2008

Fireworks, M (left), E (right), 4th of July 2009

M's other good friend is P.  P is a little older than M, and M looks up to P and models her.

Peekaboo Cabinet, P (left), M (right), May 2008

We were so lucky to be able to have both P and E over for Halloween in 2008.

Trick-Or-Treat, P (left), M (middle), E (right), October 2008

E's family moved to Ann Arbor this past summer, and P's family moved up to Chicago.  Mama keeps up with her friends still, but M is not as electronically connected...  We miss you guys!



  1. Aw, we miss you too! I miss our playdates. Thanks for posting the pics.

  2. they look so young! :D

    we also miss you guys...