Thursday, March 18, 2010


C can be a strange little boy sometimes.  This morning, M decided she wanted to wear her baseball cap to daycare this morning.  C followed suit, and strutted around the house in his baseball cap too, as we finished getting ready to leave.  However, as we were walking out the door, I realized C was no longer sporting his hat, and had replaced it instead with a headband!  We rushed him out the door anyway, since this isn't the first time, and there was no use trying to swap it out.

Later, at dinnertime, he was throwing a huge fit.  As it turned out, he wanted a headband again!

I tried to snap this quick shot before the camera died, but M was grabbing him and he got cranky.  Also, please note, M's messy face got wiped off just moments later.  Still funny though:


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