Friday, March 19, 2010

"Child" proofing

Just thought I would point out some of the extreme measures we have had to take to keep RoscoeDog from destroying things while we are away at work.  I find it comical that we expend more effort child-proofing our house against Roscoe's shinanigans than we do on child-proofing for the actual children!  The list includes:
  1. Close ours and M's bedroom doors to keep him off of the beds.
  2. Close C's door to keep him off of the loveseat
  3. Place three xmat spikes on the couch - to keep him from getting on it and making huge lick puddles.
  4. Make sure all bread and food are out of jaw's reach. - this includes anything on kitchen counters or stove, and any snack foods that may have wound up in the living room the previous evening.
  5. Ensure that the treat and food containers are tightly sealed.
There are certain foods he is destined to conspicuously chow down (even while we are home!).  These include, but are not limited to:
  • Curtis Orchard apple donuts
  • Cookies (i.e. the girl scout trefoils from last night...)
  • Corn cobs?!  No idea why...
  • Whole loaves of bread
  • He has also been known to steal food right out of the kids hands (its like stealing candy from a baby!)
I guess when apple donuts and cookies are involved, who could resist? 

Lounging - Winter 2005

Roscoe performs his famous "4-stair sit"; tail, rump, hind legs, front legs (April 2006)

Regal RoscoeDog


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