Saturday, March 27, 2010


Daddy spent the day continuing to rip apart the front yard by cutting down a 50 foot siberian elm tree from the front yard.  The tree has been nothing but trouble and it finally crossed the line when it dropped a large branch on the hood of my husband's suburban last summer.  We've known it had to go, but we were waiting for a good time.  Today was that day!

The kids were highly impressed by all of Daddy's hard work:

C smiles by the stump.  He looks like he is fussing, but he thought he was smiling!
This is the face he made when we said "say cheese!"

M and C on the felled trunk.

C poses with the 3 foot chainsaw!

M and C with their two uncles, Uncle M and Uncle S!  Thanks for your help today, guys!!!


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