Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tea Party, Anyone?

Ever since M recieved a tea set from Aunt K for her birthday, followed by another from her Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins from Omaha, she has been very into supplying others with drinks.

This is in some ways cute.  She fills one cup for each person, and makes sure each person knows which one is the one for them.

In other ways, it has become a bit of a bother.  She fills the cups in the bathroom, because that is the only faucet she can easily reach.  Then carries them to the kitchen counter or the living room, spilling a wet path all along the way.  She kindly access a towel  or washcloth from the linen closet and wipes up after herself.  If the cups wind up in reach of C, we always have a wet mess on our hands.  Luckily it's just water!

My little tea time hostess.


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