Saturday, February 20, 2010

Belated Valentine's Day

We thoroughly enjoyed the St. Valentine's Day holiday this year.  Not only did we create our own hand-made valentines, but we received many as well!  M had a V-day party at school and we traded with friends from daycare.  The kids made V-day crafts at daycare:

(Note who is in the bottom right corner!)

Then, on Monday, we got a bunch more in the mail!  Which was awesome:

The kids even got a V-day gift from their Aunt B, Uncle T, and cousins T, L, and F - Legos!

All in all, M really enjoyed receiving little acknowledgments of love, especially by mail.  We laid them all out to see for a few weeks:


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  1. Dude! Your little Valentines were the highlight of my Valentine's Day! :D