Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Passion for Chocolate Milk

Our family has a history with chocolate milk.  In fact, I distinctly remember my mother mixing her chocolate milk - she always used a sparing amount, so the milk was barely tinted.  She didn't like it very syrupy.  Now that's how I always prefer to make mine too.  I also remember when my dad would take half-full gallon of milk, and add a ton of syrup to it, put the lid on and shake it up.  It would be gone in a flash!

When M was little, we had a terrible time getting her to drink milk.  All she wanted was juice (half-water, half-juice).  Eventaully, it became a problem after she stopped nursing and really needed the nutrients from milk.  So, we decided to see if a little "chocolate juice" would do the trick.  She called chocolate milk "chocolate juice" for a least a year after that, and drank milk (both white and choclate) willingly from then on.

My husband likes the Choco-riffic chocolate drink.  I find it repulsive, and after reading the ingredients, and finding out that it isn't even made with milk, I was even more disgusted.  Its all corn syrup. Eww!

M agrees with my opinion on Choco-riffic, and always asks for "white milk, chocolate in it"


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