Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sick Is No Fun

M stayed home sick today from school.  I felt it was a bit of an obligatory sick day at first, since she was acting normal other than this persistent cough, which led to a vomiting episode last night before bed (hence no school for 24 hrs).

However, after being home with her this morning, I realize now that I'm glad I kept her home.  Get a kid bored enough, and they will start to show how they really feel!  She started out happily playing around the house, but then relaxed on the couch to watch TV, and eventually decided she didnt want the TV on at all, but just wanted to rest on the couch under a blanket.  She's been crashed there for almost two hours, not asleep, just zonked.  Not talking, or moving, or anything.  Just staring off into space, coughing now and then.  Poor little thing.  We'll be off to the doctor at 4pm.

C on the other hand has been hilarious.  He is not sick and has no cough.  But every time he hears M start hacking, he can't help but join in! He has the most fake little cough you've ever heard.


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