Friday, February 5, 2010


Thanks to my good friend, who happens to be a groomer, Roscoe was treated to a nail-trim this evening.  My husband and I each took a turn holding him down while she clipped and dremmelled each nail.  He was so happy afterwards - its been way too long.  And now his nails don't go "clink, clink, clink" down the hallway.

Usually Roscoe likes to nose his way into photos.  As seen here:

January 2010

And here:

September 2009

And here:

C and the nice fire December 2009

And here:

Preggers April 2006

And here!

Baby M October 2006

But the nail trim must have worn him out - M took this picture of him this evening.  He wouldn't even budge off of the floor.  He was all tuckered out from the excitement:


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