Saturday, February 27, 2010

Insect Fear Film Festival Fun

Had a fantastic time at the 27th Annual Insect Fear Film Festival!  Brought M for the second year in a row, and C for the first time.  This is a tradition that I bring to my kids - I've been going to this festival almost every year since I can remember.  We held tons of bugs, and petted a horseshoe crab!

M was psyched for the event, got dressed in her butterfly shirt, and let me put her hair in pigtails (a.k.a. antennae).

Mama held many creatures, while M and C petted/observed:

M pets a Tobacco Hornworm.

C pulls away, reeling in repulsion, as a event person presents a hissing cochroach.

M and I pet the surprisingly docile and pleasant giant grasshopper (I don't think it's the same species shown in this link, but it looked similar).

Also not pictured, Mama held a hissing cockroach, and also another kind of cute little digging beetle.

I ♥ the IFFF! 


P.S. For the record, I actually have a moderate insect-phobia, so tonight I will do my heebee-jeebee shake-off dance before I go to bed!


  1. Yay! :D I'm bummed that I can't go with you anymore! That's such a fun event, and it would be a blast with kids. Digging the hornworm, and C's disgust face ;)

  2. We were in Indy for my niece's birthday, so I missed the festival again this year. Great pictures!