Friday, February 5, 2010


M woke up and wondered into our room.  She proceeded to lecture me:

"Mom, why is the green box in here?  You can't open the green box until the purple box is all gone.  You shouldn't have those in your room.  We only eat in the kitchen.  Did you eat those after I was asleep?"

What she is referring to is the box of thin mints that my husband and I polished off as our bedtime snack.  We ordered girl scout cookies the other day, and realized we still had some in our freezer from last time.   They. Are. Fantastic.  I think she was jealous that she was not included in this cookie binge.  And, what she didn't know, is that we finished off the purple box (caramel delights) too...

We deserved a scolding for that.


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