Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Although the Disney Princesses tend to rub me the wrong way, I don't mind the Disney Fairies nearly as much.  I don't like the idea of raising little "princesses" who get everything their hearts' desire and who think they are perfect in every way - that is not the way life is and it is overly idealistic.

The fairies, however, I've grown rather fond of.  I like the movies' environmental undertones and the premise of taking care of our earth, down to the smallest creatures and plants. I like the quirky fairy characters, and I find Tinkerbell very cute (maybe its because she's blonde. :-) ).  And I like that Tinkerbell occasionally has a bad day, or makes a mistake, like most of us normally do.

M likes Tink too, of course.  She has been stuck on the second movie, Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure.  She likes the parts where Tinkerbell "wears her camping clothes".  It makes me very happy that Mary likes her camping clothes (her adventurer outfit).

C's favorite character is Clank, the loud, goofy, klutzy comic relief character.  Every time he is pictured in the movies, C starts going wild: flapping his arms up and down, growling and laughing.  Absolutely Hilarious.


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