Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

My family's tradition for egg hunts is a bit different than most.  We always had egg hunts that were strategically placed eggs that you follow clues to find, usually leading to some sort of puzzle at the end that you had to unscramble to claim your big prize (Easter basket).  Why would it be any different for my kids?

This year, the egg hunt consisted of twelve nests.  Each nest had a big egg (for M) and a small egg (for C).

Also in each nest was a puzzle piece.  Since M enjoys puzzles, this was good for her current development abilities.  When I was growing up, our puzzles would be catered towards whatever we were learning in school - math equations, riddles, maps, or whatever challenged us at the time.  After piecing together the puzzle, they knew just where to look for the Easter baskets:

A special thanks to my good friend M ("Uncle M") for putting together another great egg hunt!


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