Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chicago and Changes

We headed to Chicago this past weekend so that my husband could remodel our only full bathroom.  This way we could still have access to water at grandma's house.  The next several posts will be about the events surrounding our trip.  I took lots of pictures and sent them to Daddy throughout our trip, so that he wouldn't miss us too much.

Before hitting the road for Chicago, M's school was having a Spring Festival.  It was a great opportunity for the kids to run off some energy before hitting the road.  The festival featured various activity stations:  coloring book area, tattoos, balloons, crown and mask crafts, and ball toss games.

M at the coloring book station

C with his mask

C running the halls (I liked how this pic came out!)

The highlight of the night was getting to meet Wonder Red, one of the characters from the show Super Why!

M was so excited to hold Wonder Red's hand.  In this photo, she was trying to ask Wonder Red to skate around.

After an hour or so, we hit to road, crowns and balloons in tow:


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