Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Milestones: First *Real* Haircut

M went to get her haircut for the first time.  She has had just a handful of trims before now, but they were always speedy-fast, and just to rid the split ends.  She got her mama's fine hair, and slow-growing hair.  But its getting to the point that when the wind whips it up, it gets quite tangled.  It hurts her to comb it.  My threats of "if you don't let me comb your hair, we'll have to cut it all off," were eventually responded with "I want my hair cut off."  So, here we have it:



After!  Its cute and summery, and will do her just fine.  Still long enough for me to do pig tails, headbands, and the like, but not so long as to be bothersome.

She sat very still and silent throughout the entire haircut, not uttering a word.  Until at the end she said "Thank You!"



  1. Heehee :D I love the haircut, and the story behind it! :) Cuuuute!

  2. That's so sweet that she said thank you at the end!