Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sun Sneezers

I've always sneezed when exposed to bright light or sun.  I thought I was weird, because most folks I know don't do this.  But apparently I am populating the earth with other sun sneezers - both M and C inherited my gene for sun sneezing.  I've noticed when I bring C into the kitchen in the mornings for breakfast, after just waking up, he will begin sneezing, sometimes five to ten times in a row, in quick succession.  I assumed he had my sun sneezing too.

After poking around online, I found that this condition actually has a name: Photic sneeze reflex, and is apparently a dominant genetic reflex, and part of a larger sneezing disorder called Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helioothphamic Outburst Syndrome.  Who knew?!  I thought maybe it was an April Fools joke on the internet or something, but no - its true! There are lots of peer reviewed medical journal articles on the subject.

I also get these sneezing fits, which are related to the ACHOO Syndrome, as it's called.  I will sneeze twenty times in a row, with a minute or two break in between each sneeze.  Both kids inherited some aspects of this syndrome from me, which my mother had, and so did my maternal grandfather.  My Anderson genes live on!  Crazy and kinda neat!




  1. Jon totally has this. I tell him he's crazy all the time! :)

  2. My mom has this, too- I sent her an article when it turned out to be fact and not fiction, so she could tell my dad to lay off ;) Hahaha :D