Friday, April 9, 2010

Frame It Friday: Easter Art

Loving This Mom Stuff
Welcome to “Frame It Friday!” which was started by Loving This Mom Stuff who was proud of her children's artwork and wanted to share it with the world! Please join her in showing off your children’s artistic sides and see what other proud parents are showing off by heading on over to Loving This Mom Stuff to take a look at “Frame It Friday!”

The Easter Bunny brought M paint, brushes, and large coloring book.  Here are the results:

She was very careful to cover the entire paper, all the way to the edges.  The green is the grass, as defined by her.  The paints are Crayola washable kids paints, which are perfect.  And she's wearing one of our homemade recycled T-shirt smocks, similar to the one in this link, although the ties on our smocks are made from scraps from the T-shirt itself.


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  1. Aw! I love it!!

    I'm gonna have to see how you made the t-shirt smock. My kids would love one of those...if I ever let them paint! :)

    Loving This Mom Stuff