Friday, April 30, 2010


M has been permitted to use the camera for a while now.  She apparently gave C a turn with it earlier this week.  Now he thinks it is his new toy and he wants to play with it all the time.  So, instead of smiling for pictures - he's doing this:

Will I ever be able to take a picture of my smiling boy again?

And when I give in and let him have the camera, here are the fruits of his photographic attempts:

Very abstract, C, I like that!

M has been honing her photography skills for quite some time.  We even got her own digital camera for Christmas.  She has her own album, you can view her best photography results here.   Here's one of my favorites that she took:

(C, September 2009)  He usually has a deer-in-headlights look when she takes pictures, plus, he is always dirty as can be!


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  1. Awww :) Time to get C his own camera, perhaps? What a funny picture of him all upset. Heh :)