Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wildlife Prairie Park

In fall 2011 my best friend A and I decided the coolest thing ever would be to stay aboard a train caboose cabin at Wildlife Prairie Park.  Unfortunately for us, we decided this in November, and the train caboose cabin season only runs April through October.  So, October 2012 was picked, and a full eleven months of anticipation ensued (and a Baby A was born!).  But it was worth the wait!  How much fun it was to sleep in a train car (that even had built in motorized rocking motion to simulate a moving train!) and wake up in a beautiful natural area.  Plus, they have lots of neat animals to see there. Here are some of the highlights,

Here we are!  (Friends A, J, and Baby A not pictured)

We took two train rides while we were there.  It was a little bit strange because the park puts on a big night-time Halloween event which includes a haunted train ride.  It was running in the evenings on the same weekend we were there.  So, the train loops were all set up with their Halloween decorations, which M was dead-set on taking pictures of every piece. 

These two were the strangest:

Stuffed animal cemetary

creepy skeleton animals with party animals painted on the reverse!

M conducting the playground train

We really enjoying hiking the grounds seeing bison, reptiles, very territorial wolves, wild cats, live stock (a donkey tried to kick me!), and many other animals.

But most of all we enjoyed sleeping in a caboose! How cool  is that?!

The family boarding the caboose!

Caboose cabin #2!

Big 4 year old conductor!!



  1. I thought the COW tried to kick you! ;D

    Good times were had by all!

  2. Dude!! That is awesome! Okay, if I'm ever back in Illinois for a long stretch, I totally want to do that with you guys :)