Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fuzzy Wuzzies and Creepy Crawlies!

We enjoyed so much this year the Insect Fear Film Festival put on by the entomology graduate students at the U of I.  What a great free community event to get kids excited about insects.  We took along some friends, and met several friends there too!

Here were some photo highlights:

M is very excited to be holding a tobacco hornworm!

family photo with the friendly millipede

The best story from the evening was while we were trying to take the above picture with my bestie A and Baby A, the Lubber Grasshopper leapt onto Baby A's head!  She was oblivious, while the adults buckled over in laughter and took lots of pictures:

"Grasshoppers go in many a thumming spring
And now to stalks of tasseled sow-grass cling,
That shakes and swees awhile, but still keeps straight;
While arching oxeye doubles with his weight.
Next on the cat-tail-grass with farther bound
He springs, that bends until they touch the ground."

 -John Clare

Despite the crowd and excessive noise, C found a quite moment to put together some insect puzzles.

We didn't stay for any films this year, since the selection was not child friendly, but we enjoyed running the rows of Foellinger Auditorium's upper level, and visitng with friends before heading home!


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  1. I think Mary only liked that caterpillar till she thought it bit her!!

    And then after the grasshopper was on the baby's head, it jumped onto MY FACE!! AHH