Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Innocent Firsts

First day of 1st grade!

First bus ride ever on the first day of preschool!

First tooth lost, with many more to come!

First ice skating adventure!

First ever ride in an amish horse-and-buggy before the Arthur Christmas parade!

Hard to think about all of these firsts going by, without pondering the innocence of children as they come upon each new experience.

Little Pieces of Innocence

"Sweet sleep, little pieces of innocence,
While dreams so serenely fair,
Fill their heads with joyous thoughts,
How gladly do I stand and stare,
Upon the gifts that love has brought.

No darkness spreads her sorrow here,
Sleep on dear children, rest, but know,
Your father watches with such delight,
This moment of truth, and with heart aglow,
And filled with love this night.

Those little pieces of innocence,
So serene, so full of grace,
Sweetest gifts that Heaven imparts,
Fondly shall I long embrace,
The innocence in their hearts.

Those little pieces of innocence,
Their youthful years so few,
Enjoy now as you grow,
Joys of innocence, pure and true,
That only children ever know.

The hour is fleeting, and morn is nigh,
Innocence so filled with truth,
Awake! enjoy your childhood years,
Before time sweeps away your youth,
And innocence disappears.

Never, never can I lose them,
No time or distance shall stake a claim,
Though saddness may overcome me,
My heart will stay the same,
And those little pieces of innocence will forever be."

-Richard Netherland Cook


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  1. Aww, lovely poem. I LOVE the picture of C. I may have to get that out and frame it. It's just so darling :) Can't believe it's already first-tooth-out time for M!! Whoa.