Saturday, February 16, 2013

American Girl

I think I've bored my dear readers enough with my commentary - picture-post time!  I was saving this post for after Christmas because I made a photo book of these pictures for Aunt D.  So, here it is!

For M's 6th birthday, Aunt D thought the perfect gift would be to spoil M rotten with a trip to American Girl Chicago.  Boy was Aunt D spot-on with this gift! We spent all day at the store, including a delicious lunch at the American Girl Cafe, shopped til we dropped, and even got our new doll's hair done in the doll salon. M named her doll Rachel.  M was all smiles the whole time and we all had a fun day celebrating her 6th birthday.

M & Aunt D after picking out Rachel.

M, happy as a clam!

Back at home we did a photo shoot with Rachel to add to our photo-book gift for Aunt D.

We love you, Aunt D!  Thanks for making M's 6th birthday so special!


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