Saturday, February 16, 2013

Eat Your Vegetables

While most conventional wisdom will tell us that dogs will eat just about anything (warning, that link is a little gross!), leave it to RoscoeDog to be the exception.

We thought RoscoeDog would follow in the horse-sized footsteps of other large labs that tread before him, eating everything in site. To prove the point, when he was just a wee one-year-old pup, the vet had to perform a gastronomy procedure to remove a chew bone from his stomach that had gotten lodged after he swallowed it whole.  All signs pointed to a canine gluttony!

As it turns out, however, RoscoeDog flat out refuses anything Green.  Green beans, lettuce, peas, you name it.  Even if slathered in ranch dressing or butter, he'll maw it around in his mouth to suck off the good stuff, leaving all Greens back in his bowl for his doting owners to dispose of.  Don't you know you're the garbage disposal around here, dog?  You're supposed to eat what we give you, no picky eaters allowed!  I wonder if dog-slobbered-Greens are compostable?

One funny story that hubby tells is of RoscoeDog at the dinner table.  He knows not to beg or get too close to the table while we eat.  He usually waits patiently near hubby's elbow while we eat.  If hubby approves of his behavior, he'll throw RoscoeDog a scrap or two, here and there.  Sometimes, just to see what will happen, hubby throws a Green.  And wouldn't you know? That dog can't be fooled!  Scrap after scrap of food will fly into his awaiting trap, but the second a Green is suspected, it bounces off a stone-faced pooch's muzzle.  The reflexes on this dog are unbelievable!  Our friends A and M like to retell this story with much gusto and laughter.

Here he is, in the dining room no less, in all his repulsed-by-Green-food glory:


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