Sunday, February 26, 2012

Planes(, Trains,) and Automobiles

Ok, so we didn't take a train, but we traveled by car, bus, and airplane, and shuttle van to attend Aunt M's wedding in Austin, Texas!
(photos May 2011)

The kids were great travelers. 

C and Mama on the airport bus!

M and Aunt J on the airport bus!

M on the airplane.  I packed ahead of time a backpack full of little wrapped presents - note pads and crayons, paperclips for making paperclip chains, snacks, etc.  This was helpful especially on the plane ride.

C watching the clouds go by.

Made it to Texas.  Hoisting our luggage to the shuttle.


Shuttling to our hotel!

Oh, did I mention we traveled by luggage cart too?  ;-)


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