Friday, February 24, 2012

Nintendo Power

We have an original Nintendo (NES) given to us by my Uncle S.   We also have lots and lots of games for said Ninendo which Daddy found in his parents' basement.  By far the family's favorite game has been Super Mario Brothers / Duck Hunt. 

C comes home and wants to play Mario every night.  The way he says Mario is absolutely histerical.  He says it with an italian accent, just like Mario himself would say it.  Can't you just hear it in your head "it's me, Mario!"  He also can't quite pronounce Duck Hunt properly, so he says Duck Tonk, which is the cutest!

Both kids can get past level 1.2 independently, and C even got to the first castle!  Pretty cool.  We dont encourage too much screen time in our house, but I'm afraid even with what little C gets, he's going to be a Mario pro by the time he's four!  They could cast him for a 2012 version of the movie The Wizard!

We also have a Wii, which we all love to play Just Dance and Just Dance Kids!


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