Saturday, February 25, 2012


One of the many reasons we are lucky to live near the University of Illinois campus: the Insect Fear Film Festival!  The festival, now in its 29th year, is put on by the entomology department grad students.  This is a great kid friendly community event - there are bugs to handle, art to peruse, and movies/shorts/trailers to watch!  This year's theme was International Ant Films.  It was loads of fun, as usual.  I have early memories of attending the festival in my youth - I remember holding a tarantula and eating fried meal worms (they tasted like french fries!).

Here are some of the photos from our evening's adventures:

M sits patiently for face painting.

C sits patiently too!

Finished product - a red ant that C insisted was a spider.

M's finished product - a beautiful butterfly!

Mama with two Lubber Grasshoppers!

Sharing a moment


C expressing his disgust that the hissing cockroach was crawling up my arm.

Met up with friend O for some laughs.

We ♥ bugs.


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  1. I thought about going this year but have been doing so poorly. I hadn't considered that I could just go for the insects and face painting and leave before the actual films start! Maybe if I brought a good picture of a bagworm they would do a bagworm on my cheek. If I am doing well enough, I will do that next year. Holding the Madagascar hissing cockroaches is the best! Great pictures. :-D