Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dinner Conversation: The Bighouse

This evening's dinner conversation was beyond entertaining.

It all started with a sobering talking-to from Grandpa to M, warning of the downfall of credit card missed payments and the subsequent bankruptcy, court appearances, and possible hard time.  Never too early to discuss financial responsibility, Grandpa.

Overhearing the conversation, and specifically the word "jail," C jumped in.
C: "In jail, all you get is vegetables.  Tomatoes, the red ones.  And you have to eat all of them. And onions."
C; "I could get out of jail. That would be easy.  You sneak up onto the roof and you jump off"
C: "You gotta be sneaky.  You get a bunch of money and you throw it at the policemen - every one of them. Then you run out the door while they are picking it up."

If you'd like to have a lively discussion about prison-breaks, C is your go-to guy.  This segued into further conversation about prison escapees, which I've since learned have been fairly many!  Daddy also remembered a recent Chicago jail-break, involving a truly extraordinary story of descending 17 stories using bed sheets!


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