Friday, July 20, 2012

Camp Out!

This post is a photo documentary of the kids' first camping trip in June 2011 along with a eight of our good friends.  We camped in the overflow campground (way nicer, grassier and less crowded than the regular camp sites) at the Middle Fork River Forest Preserve.

Load up!

First stop - playground and picnic! C goes weeeee.

M shows off her climbing skills.  Approved.

This camping trip will forever be remembered by all as year of the 13-year cicadas.  They were everywhere.  In the air, in the trees, in the grass, climbing up our pant legs...And the noise was deafening at times (luckily it died down at night time). 

This little bugger joined us during our craft.

M, C, M, A and E making spotting scope crafts!

C demonstrating his spotting scope.


Seeing what there is to see at the lake.

Setting up camp!

Scruffy, A and M enjoying a cuddle in the camp chair.

Tickle & tackle with A, F, M, and C.

We borrowed the Puppets Loan Box from the Nature Center again! Puppets are so great!

And with that we settled in for a nice evening and dinner around the fire.


C's typical breakfast fare.

It was a surprisingly chilly morning for mid-June!

We renamed her Babushka.

Group pic!  Say "CAMPING!"


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