Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Picture Really Is Worth 1000 Words

There really is a story behind these two pictures!

I took the kids to see Despicable Me at the theater a little ways back.  They've seen the movie before, so I was excited that they would want to see it on the big screen.  They sat through the whole thing, minus M's 5 trips to the bathroom!  We all had Sprite and popcorn while we watch an awesome movie!  On the drive from the theater to visit Uncle M, however, C started throwing the biggest fit - he just wouldn't stop screaming.  Until finally, relief came when he spewed up everything he had eaten at the theater. After he has purged all his stomach contents, he was very content and sat quietly in his seat while all chaos broke loose. The stench was unbearable - M started crying.  Luckily we were only a block away from Uncle M's.  Realized when we arrived that I had only one change of clothes for him - M's change of clothes... So, here he is pictured, in M's pink shirt and size 4T pants.  He put Uncle M's giant-sized tennis shoes on for good measure.  M complained of the smell in the car for over two weeks, even thought I had immediately scrubbed it clean with upholstery cleaner.  And to top it all of - its been a month since the vomiting episode and M still will not sit in "the barf seat" in the car.

M saved her allowance for several months.  This is mostly because we have to designate an actual shopping trip as an allowance-spending trip, and it hasn't occurred to me to do this for several months.  So, we headed to the store to pick out a new toy.  M immediately gravitated to the set of four princess shoes for a whopping $20.  I wasn't sure she had that kind of cash, so we counted out all of her $1's - exactly $20, with just enough change to cover tax.  When we got the shoes home, she has been so thrilled to have them and has been dressing up and wearing them around constantly.  C, whose beloved sister he enjoys modeling, decided he likes the shoes too!  So, he's been wearing them around now and again.  Here he is enjoying a snack on the couch with M's new princess shoes on.  Not quite sure why he is only wearing a diaper - just one of those days, I suppose.  This is totally one of those blackmail-you-when-you're-a-teenager type pictures...


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