Wednesday, April 13, 2011

C is for Cookie

Aunt D as well as Aunt S got M the neatest children's baking set for Christmas.  M loves it because its not just a pretend baking set - it is for actually baking in the big kitchen with Mama.

I try to remember to take pictures of the kids using their awesome presents!

We used the set to make cookies for a animal adoption recognition event at the Nature Center in February, with the theme "all you need is love."

The kit came with all of the utensils needed to make cupcakes too, which we did for Marti Gras in February:

Aunt D also gave M the children's pizza kit, which is totally awesome and we use all of the time! And M makes the best cheese and ham pizza!  It's the favorite in the house.  As seen here:

We've got a blossoming chef on our hands!


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